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Making sense of the future: Netexplo’s mission is more vital than ever this year. But in such an unpredictable world, does that future still exist? Yes. In the minds of the men and women behind the innovations that we spotted around the world in 2020/2021.


The New Now is an invitation to reinvent the present.

 1/ The present is not what it was: this is an invitation to recreate the only time we have. The future is uncertain and the past is stored as big data. What shall we do with the present?

 2/ Being in the here and now: it’s time to take our responsibilities and meet the challenges thrown up by today’s new reality. 

 3/ A world to explore: if we stop seeing ourselves through the lens of prediction, we can focus on what’s around us, here and now.

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For 25 years we have been talking about smart cities. But what do we mean by smart, and does it work?

As part of the solution, sociologist Bernard Cathelat argues we should move beyond the Smart City to a new model of Linking City, a holistic city where technologies forge interactive links between all social, economic and cultural stakeholders.

In addition, Netexplo, with the help of its global network of lecturers at leading universities, analyses 10 cities selected with UNESCO in 2021 as outstanding examples of urban innovation on 10 essential topics.

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Discover all the contents in the schedule on the Netexplo app and sign up for our live stream!


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How will digital tech change your activity? Through one fast-paced annual event, experts, journalists, philosophers and sociologists examine digital trans- formation. With a focus on concrete examples and questions, Change delivers the keys for instant business application.
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How can international decision-makers in charge of Smart Cities enhance their expertise and build an international community for experience sharing and mutual support?
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Digital innovation never stops moving. Nothing’s better than a live event for analysing, describing and picking apart tech. We aim to be 10 years ahead on digital.
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Your weekly video magazine

A weekly video magazine that's frugal in form but rich in content.

A weekly video magazine that's frugal in form but rich in content. 10 minutes: long enough to address the issues, short enough to watch in one go. If you've got more time on your hands, check out the full interviews.

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Starting from the idea that our planet is an endangered common asset, this year the Netexplo Trends look at how tech can meet the world’s sustainable development goals, as defined by the United Nations.

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Forging Links for the Future

The new Netexplo Publishing, co-edited with UNESCO is now available in free download.

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