Cataki ! 2018 Netexplo Grand Prix !

NETEXPLO INNOVATION FORUM 2018 - CATAKI WINS GRAND PRIX AT UNESCO From a 2018 selection dominated by artificial intelligence and questions over decisions, interfaces and interactions, a Brazilian app that matches waste with recyclers came first in a vote by the audience and international experts.

CATAKI – A TINDER FOR WASTE COLLECTION The 2018 Grand Prix, chosen from the 10 award winners by Netexplo Observatory’s international network of experts, went to Cataki, a Brazilian Tinder for waste collection. Cataki founder Mundano, said, through a cloud of recycled paper confetti, “We’re delighted to receive this award with all the ‘catadores’ who collect waste to live. They’re the heroes of everyday life: they often do more for the environment than some leaders.” Netexplo Observatory cofounder Thierry Happe said, “It’s significant that this year, given the widespread impression of technology that’s hidden from sight, making decisions behind our back, an award winner that connects people was chosen. For more than 10 years, our experts have spotted emerging uses of tech and every annual selection says something about our time. From Twitter to 3D printing, from Siri to exoskeletons and from Psiphon to electronic tattoos, technology can be cutting-edge or frugal, but innovations in the way we use it never fail to surprise."