Is your suitcase not yet unpacked? Are you still finding sand in most of your socks? Can’t get your hand on all those files you worked on before your holiday? Lucky for you, there’s a new extremely user friendly software on the market, that will find your files for you in no time: Peruse.

Just like Siri, Peruse reacts to natural language. No need to remember any keywords like on a regular search engine; this feels like talking to a colleague, but the one that never goes on holidays. From now on, even that FinalPresentationFinalVersionMaybeNotFinalWaitYesItIsDefinetelyTheLastVersion2.ppt that you saved in your overloaded Downloads file by accident can be found with the simple phrases:

“where’s that PowerPoint I prepared for tomorrow’s meeting?” or:

“I cannot for the life of me remember where on earth I put that presentation with this semester’s results”

or even:

“will you f****** find me the b***** slide thing with those horrible graphs from accounting that nobody can read”.

Nevertheless, insults should be avoided, as they have not yet been programmed into the software as a form of “natural language”.