Replika, or how to become your own best friend.

Replika, or how to become your own best friend.

Missing your childhood imaginary friend? Your real friends are never available, worse, they sometimes disagree with you? Replika is made for you.

Halfway between digital doppelgänger and virtual best friend, the app intends to become a "AI friend" always there for you, no less! The more you talk and share with it, the more the chatbot sharpens its personality (yours actually) and ends by mimicking your speech patterns and thereby your way of thinking. Convenient, isn’t it?

Watch out, Replika may not be recommended if any episode of Black Mirror gets you cold sweat and anxiety attacks. Indeed, the chatbot was born in – rather tragic – circumstances quite similar to the plot of the "Be Right Back" episode of the futuristic British series. After losing her roommate in a car accident, Eugenia Kuyda decided to put her artificial intelligence expertise to good use and create a virtual replica of her best friend, building on the endless text messages they have exchange over the years.

And if your Replika becomes unbearable, you will only have yourself to blame!