A trip round the digital world via the Academy, a dedicated multi-level platform. The digital culture solution for every employee. Essential for both work life and personal culture.

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Sustainable Passport - 45 Minutes

45 minutes to learn about sustainable development, decipher the issues at stake for the company and get involved today!

Vocabulary to know, theoretical bases, best practices... Decrypt sustainable development and its incarnation in companies, CSR!

Data & Ai Passport - 40 Minutes

The Data & AI Passport is a fun and accessible program to decode and demystify Data and AI.

  • Creative content to understand the pratices of Data in daily and business
  • Testimonials from managers and experts to understand the challenges of Data and AI for businesses
  • Information sheets to keep: Glossary with the 10 key words in Data/IA, the 6 key professions Data Science

Discover the Data/IA Passport in 1 minute 

Digital Passport - 25 Minutes

Have you got your digital passport? It just takes 30 minutes. All you have to do is watch content on your platform. You’ll enjoy the ride.

Expeditions - 6 X 30 Minutes

You probably know about digital transformation. But in practical terms, how will your sector or your job be transformed? Go on a quest for knowledge to find the keys to the future.

Journeys - 24 X 12 Minutes

A program to decipher 24 fields of application of digital:
e-health, connected employee, security, chatbot, digital in store, big data, robotics & AI, IoT...
For each trip: 10 innovations from around the world, identified by the Netexplo Observatory, which show the uses and benefits of each theme.

Managing Today

A program to develop, quickly and efficiently, the skills and attitudes today's managers need.

Managers will learn to strengthen their leadership with agile management tools and methods.

This program also provides the keys to guide, inspire and support teams in a constantly accelerating environment while driving digital transformation.

Social School

"Social media? What are we talking about? How do I start? What does it change in business? Are there real opportunities?"

This program gives the keys to understand and use social media. It develops good practices with tutorials to get to grips with the different social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.