Cutting-edge issues, trends and analyses: our colourful collection of notebooks sets out our grey matter in colour, on paper or the screen of your choice! Where will you read yours? 
In bed, in the o ce or picnicking in the park?

Trends Report Notebooks

The clear, full overview of the trends defined by the Netexplo Observatory from a year’s work, analysing 2,500 innovations from every continent. A unique view of the forces transforming practices and society

Conference Notebooks

An exciting summary of Netexplo Observatory’s insight into a specific topic like artificial intelligence or the internet of things. Concepts are outlined from a critical perspective with an eye on business applications. All you need to make the right decisions

Events Notebooks

An enjoyable, lively overview of Netexplo Observatory’s events on the hottest digital topics. The notebooks focus above all on digital transformation. Interpreted by entrepreneurs, journalists, philosophers and socio- logists, digitization becomes an open book.

Signature Notebooks

Our most personal content, signed by the members of the Netexplo Observatory and its network of experts, journalists and sociologists. The vision of a personality, drawing on their background and analyses. A captivating, subjective look at digital tech.