Companies have changed. What are the prospects? How do we invent the future? In reference to what benchmarks and models? Are new models even needed? What new ways of working together?

And what if humans rather than technology are at the heart of this transformation?

This is the standpoint taken in the TALENT programme by ESCP Europe and Netexplo. The power of digital transformation offers a rare opportunity: to explore the talent of the people at the heart of businesses. Letting them express their own way of creating value, going beyond skills, job titles and job descriptions. And making them true facilitators of digital transformation.

Goal Of The Talent Programme & Course Design

Putting your businesses in motion and enabling them to handle change, based on real-life case studies to show:

  • the role and skills required of digital transformation facilitators,

  • how to set the role and skills into motion to create business value,

  • the managerial and organisational levers.


    After the training course, all participants will be able to contribute actively to digital transformation in their organisations.

  • They will be armed with state-of-the-art professional best practices in digital transformation and key success factors illustrated through projects by major companies.

  • They will have discussed and built on these practices in small groups, with their peers, with other companies and with experts.

  • They will have developed their skills through a blended programme, including in- class, online and community training.

Escp Europe Business School Supervises The Training Course


ESCP Europe certification based on a blended programme in 2 sessions:

  • Two days of in-class training

  • One day of online training


2-day class in Paris on February 19 & 20, 2019.

  • Study and interpretation of projects from partners and international companies (ESCP Europe, Netexplo, Netexplo Talent Advisory Board Members, CEOs of Partner Companies)

  • Thematic training in the delivery of digital transformation projects, led by ESCP Europe lecturers

  • Workshops on knowledge sharing and building on best practices, led by Netexplo coaches


    Additional training to allow all learners to deepen their knowledge of skills and tools for delivering transformation projects in their companies.


    Final exam to obtain ESCP Europe Certificate after online training.