The Netexplo Observatory has always looked at tech in terms of how it’s used. We focus on the individuals who are making tech part of their lives.

Citizens, consumers, NGO or startup founders, students, researchers, artists, doctors and farmers – above all, people.

That’s why we’re just as interested in an innovation created by a student in an emerging country as in an app designed by a multinational. The only criterion is whether it is life-changing. For a person, a family, a neighbourhood, a city, a continent or the world.

That’s one of the promises of digital tech. The impossible keeps losing ground. These limitless prospects need to be decoded and put into context with analysis, criticism and guidance.

This is the Netexplo Observatory’s vocation. For you.

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photo Brigitte Lasry
Brigitte Lasry
Head of International University Network
photo Guillaume Pernoud
Guillaume Pernoud
Managing Director
photo Valentin Bras
Valentin Bras
Digital Project Manager
photo Flore Segalen
Flore Segalen
Chief operating officer
photo MonZen Tzen
Monzen Tzen
International director
photo Thierry Happe
Thierry Happe
Cofounder & President
photo Maximilien Sommeria
Maximilien Sommeria
Academy Manager
photo Sandrine Cathelat
Sandrine Cathelat
Partner, Research Director
photo Mathilde Hervieu
Mathilde Hervieu
Editorial Project Manager
photo Marie-Jo Cousin
Marie-Jo Cousin
Production manager
photo Sylvain Louradour
Sylvain Louradour
Executive Creative Director
photo Nicolas Jolly
Nicolas Jolly
Consulting Director
photo Marcus Goddard
Marcus Goddard
Partner, Intelligence
photo Michel Rigitano
Michel Rigitano
Netexplo Network - IT
photo François Pistre
François Pistre
Netexplo Network - Smart Cities & Talent
photo Alexandre Tissot
Alexandre Tissot
Netexplo Network
photo Martine Bidegain
Martine Bidegain
photo Tesse van Zandwijk
Tesse Van Zandwijk
Netexplo Network
photo Morgane Tesson
Morgane Tesson
Netexplo Network
photo Julien Lévy
Julien Lévy
Netexplo Network
photo Anastasia Ferrete
Anastasia Ferrete
Netexplo Network
photo Marc Baulier
Marc Baulier
Netexplo Network

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