Innovation technologique et développement durable. Grandes entreprises : des mots aux actes.

#2 "Games - the new Workplace?"

#2 "Games - the new Workplace?" / Netexplo Global Trends get operational with a new topic every month (downloadable video) From WFH, to hybrid working, what will our future workplace look like? Guests: Soraya Jaber, CEO & co-founder, MINSAR + Idir Alexand

#1 "Innovating with the Past"

#1 "Innovating with the Past" / Netexplo Global Trends get operational with a new topic every month (downloadable video) Should innovation break away from the past or take inspiration from it? Guests: Pauline Le Clere, Founder, Perles d'Histoire, Annie M


Global Trends


Artificial intelligence : Words and actions from major companies


The Netexplo Observatory’s 2020 Trends looks at how tech is addressing sustainable development goals. It describes the three main scenarios that are arising out of the convergence of new technologies and sustainability.

Trends 2019: A Tale of Two Futures

In 2019, we’re at a crossroads. It’s easy to give in to fear over AI, but we still hold the reins. The question is not so much technological as ethical and political: what story do we want to write?

UNAB: Human Learning In The Digital Era

In the Digital Era, who is the best teacher, human or machine? Why do we learn? What do we need to learn? How can we learn? We invite you to take a deep dive into the UNAB Network’s examination of some of the major challenges that we, as humans, face.

Future of work

Under the impulse of digital and robotic intelligence innovations, will the company of the future be full of machines and empty of all employees? What collaboration between human and digital intelligences do we need to invent?

Apprendre aujourd’hui et (ré)apprendre demain avec le numérique (French)

Digital transformation is an opportunity to question the orientation and objectives of our education system and ongoing training. What status or skills will we have? What will we learn ?

Web Summit 2018 : Summit of doubt (French)

For its 10th edition, the biggest European tech event gathered 70 000 participants in Lisbon. Netexplo flew to the Portuguese capital to make sure we don't miss a thing and tell you everything!

Humans <3 Robots ? (French)

Facing robots, what relation do we want to engage in? Competition, collaboration, extermination ;) ? What if it was an opportunity to rediscover the best of our humanity?

(No) tech on the beach (French)

What if, for once, you spent disconnected holidays? Suspense, shivers, cliffhangers... A storytelling to add to your summer reading list and to read on the beach ;)

Quantum computing (French)

You won't pretend to understand anymore ;) This notebook tells you everything you need to know about quantum computing.

Business: what digital (really) changes (French)

New business models, big companies and start-ups relationship, buzzwords: let's put a stop to clichés about promises of the digital business.

DataCool DataFear (French)

Should we trust or be wary of data? A look at data from every angle, with a focus on a GDPR.

Money: the end of a system? (French)

New currencies, new players: the end of the banking system as we know it?

Trends 2018: Zero Interface / Zero Decision

Zero Interface / Zero Decision: as IA invades our body and environment, taking decisions out of our hands, what do we have left ?

Trends 2018 magazine

Condensed version of the Netexplo trends, illustrated by the latest innovations.

UNAB : Humans decisions - Thoughts on AI

Is the relationship between AI and humans at the point of no return? Answers from UNAB, Netexplo's international expert network.

The Makers movement (French)

A culture, a movement, a community: doing it yourself and doing together. The Makers are moving into the workplace.

The factory of the future (French)

Industry and tech: two opposing universes? Where and how will we make things tomorrow? A technological but above all human revolution

The digital individual (French)

Netexplo’s vocation is to give digital a human face. What about people with a digital face?

Digital transformation of work: 3 reasons to believe it (French)

When tech takes over the world of work, how do we reorganise our companies and reinvent our jobs?